EIC Upgrade

EIC Upgrade

EIC (Early Intervention Centre) is a centre provide caring, education and treatment to Autistic Kids which have been established in Sandakan for 10 years.


The paint in classroom is fading and peeling, autistic kids will eat the peeling paint. Autistic kids cannot focus and concentrate in the classroom due to the hot weather as they are very sensitive to the environment and temperature. Mosquito net is broken. Autistic kids always bang their head on the wall whenever they are stress.


After interview with its staff and officer to understand the problem, JCI Sandakan has decided to upgrade the EIC by seeking for sponsorship and using the fund raised from Walk for Autism 2016. The upgrade work consisted: installing air conditioning and protective cushion wall, repainting the classroom, replacing the mosquito net and replacing the old light bulbs.


The project took about a month to complete.

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