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  1. Login your account (or you can click here)
  2. Go to Library (or you can click here)
  3. Look for “Folder” and select “2015 JCI Malaysia ANC E-Awards” (as screenshot below)
  4. There you go :)
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Use the same user account to login and view the project gallery page that you submitted + published, you shall find little “edit”, screenshot sample below:


Answer to Question - - iamjaychong

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The issue had been fixed for your submission; Current version the submission form did not allow HTML tags;

If you need to submit HTML codes, do contact NITCC individually.


Meanwhile, due to security concern, edit submitted project gallery is not recommended with the simple reason of “accuracy of information on published platform”.

But if you really need to modify the contents due to sensitive issue, contact NITCC privately.


*Vote this answer if you found out your project articles issues had been fixed :)

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On Saturday, 02-April-2016: File size uploads change from 8MB to 50MB – I had edited the software part (website codes) on 02 April 2016;

If there’s still restriction, I can’t do anything until the server upgraded.

Perhaps you can consider compressed your file (especially those pictures inside Microsoft PointPoint or Word);

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So far the submissions are allow are allow common (covering major images, videos, documents) file types EXCEPT compressed files, which including:

  • .zip
  • .rar
  • .tgz
  • .tar.gz
  • .7z
  • and other common Archiving and compression file types

This is due to the server have firewall that against the malicious file types (as normal anti-virus scanner wouldn’t detect virus inside compressed file.

If you need to submit multiple files at once, you may select all files you need when you uploading files, as current system support multiple files submission at once.


*when JCI Malaysia manage to upgrade a better server with better webmaster controlling, we shall able to solve this issue

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